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What's a shoppable image?

A shoppable image is a clickable image that engages and converts more sales.

What's a shoppable gallery?

A shoppable gallery is a gallery of shoppable images.

Why should I use a shoppable gallery?

Because it can significantly improve conversion rate and revenue of your e-commerce site.

How do I use shoppable gallery on my e-commerce site?

There are various ways you can use such a gallery to engage with your customers. For example, on your homepage, cart page, product pages, email galleries and social ads. 

Do you offer any discount?

Yes. We offer up to 20% discount to customers who subscribe to our annual plans. 

How does your pricing compare to your competitors?

We have a very competitive price for a modern AI-based shoppable content tool which introduces smart automation features for tagging and searching content. There's no hidden charges or unexpected changes in the contract.

How does the 14-day free trial work?

The free trial is intended to give you a feel for using Artifacia before subscribing. Your free trial starts from the time you sign up.

What happens once I have consumed the included Shoppable Images in my plan?

That's a good thing, actually! It means you have already started seeing huge benefits from using Artifacia. You can upgrade or talk to us.

Can I use all the features during the trial?

You can use all the features available in the Basic Plan.


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